A Lineage of Dragons

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A Lineage of Dragons

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This site is dedicated to the book "The Magus of Seattle" (previous title: A Lineage of Dragons), and is for presenting some of the chi kung practices derived from the vast Nei Kung system, Tien Shan Chi kung. In addition there are videos and a picture gallery.

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1 - The Andes Mountains

2 - The Art of Flying

3 - The Bruce Lee Connection

4 - "We are Dragons"

5 - Early Adulthood

6 - Sai Baba

7 - Meeting the Master

8 - Practicing the Path of Power

9 - Enlightenment Experience

10 - My teaching

11 - The Star Wars connection

12 - The Path of the Warrior Wizard

13 - The Taoist Path of the Immortal

14 - Chi Kung vs. Nei Kung

15 - Masters of the Way