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A Lineage of Dragons

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This website is for presenting some videos of the chi kung practices described in the book "The Magus of Seattle", which are derived from the vast Nei Kung system, Tien Shan Chi kung. In addition there is a picture gallery. To see a few videos of some of the ways of self defense look for the page "A Lineage of Dragons" on Facebook.

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1 - The Andes Mountains

2 - The Art of Flying

3 - The Bruce Lee Connection

4 - "We are Dragons"

5 - Early Adulthood

6 - Sai Baba

7 - Meeting the Master

8 - Practicing the Path of Power

9 - Enlightenment Experience

10 - My teaching

11 - The Star Wars connection

12 - The Path of the Warrior Wizard

13 - The Taoist Path of the Immortal

14 - Chi Kung vs. Nei Kung

15 - Masters of the Way