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Zhan Zhuang Power Secrets

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First Book. "A Lineage of Dragons" About the Taoist wizard who was Bruce Lee's unknown main teacher, and his teachings.

Presenting the book "Zhan Zhuang Power Secrets". This book reveals the little known important basics of chi power cultivation and spiritual growth kept secret, lost, or hidden from newer practitioners of Taoist meditation, it is simple, direct, and powerful. Steve learned from some old school masters who escaped China before the great culling of the spiritual masters.

Large amounts of superfluous information have been published, which are essentially detours not needed to make it a fast and effective practice for cultivating chi power and spiritual growth. This book reveals the facts needed to avoid the detours and go straight to the mountain top!

Steve has over thirty years practice in a shamanic, hard core, fast, and secret 4000 year old system of true Nei Kung. He was an inner door student, for eight years, of a secretive Neigong master and Taoist wizard who lived in Seattle, Washington, who was also Bruce Lee’s uncle and main kung fu teacher, making Bruce and Steve kung fu brothers. To learn more about this system of practice go to this web page: School.

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Zhan Zhuang Power Secrets


1 - Secrets?

2 - Standing Meditation Rules

3 - Get Rid of Sick Energy First

4 - How Low to Go?

5 - Standing, Sitting, Reclining

6 - Powerful Hands

7 - Add Power to Your Methods

8 - Spiritual Methods

9 - The Basics

Part Two

10 - The Taoist Warrior Wizard

12 - Meeting the Master

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