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A Lineage of Dragons

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Presenting the book "A Lineage of Dragons". About the powerful qigong master and Taoist immortal who was uncle, mentor, and main kung fu teacher of Bruce Lee. A true account of the hidden Taoist spiritual practices, it describes the nei kung he used to become one of the most powerful, and the amazing things experienced by the author. This book describes the secret Taoist spiritual path of the warrior wizard, a rare and powerful physical, emotional, and spiritual cultivation system.

A story of a life journey from the mundane to the supra normal. A story of masters and students of the mystical life force martial arts and beyond.

Read of mysterious dragons from the spirit realm and their association with Bruce Lee and an ancient lineage of Chinese wizards who are students of real Nei Kung, which is the spiritual and power cultivation aspect of qigong. It also describes some of the other amazing students of this master.

Paperback or ebook. Click the picture to go to the Amazon bookstore. You can use "Look Inside" to read the first part for free. You can read about the first fifty pages in the ebook version, but only to page 8 in the paperback version.

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1 - The Bruce Lee Connection

2 - Meeting the Master

3 - Practicing the Path of Power

4 - My Early Years

5 - Sai Baba

6 - Enlightenment Experience

7 - "We are Dragons"

8 - My Teaching Experience

9 - The Andes Mountains

10 - The Star Wars Connection

11 - The Path of the Warrior Wizard

12 - The Taoist Path of the Immortal

13 - Chi Kung vs. Nei Kung

14 - Masters of the Way

15 - The Right Stuff - Who can Go Far?

shan chi kung